Our Nutrition Philosophy

Quite simply, we are what we eat and drink.What we put into our body will directly impact how we perform, train, recover and exist. It is essential that we feed our bodies healthy and nutritious food so that out bodies can work the way they are supposed to and this is even more important when we are working out, recovering and improving.

We don’t believe in fad diets or restrictions, just eating clean, healthy and nutritious food. Modern lifestyles can get in the way of eating well and it is all too easy to slip into unhealthy habits.

We can help you plan your nutrition so that you follow a balanced, clean, healthy diet providing you all that you need to live well and improve, to tone muscles, burn fat and be the best you possible.



“Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”

Hippocrates, 460 B.C.

Corpus Kitchen


When you come along to our fitness classes you will have the opportunity to buy healthy homemade smoothies and protein bars to aid recovery and fat burn after your workouts with us. We also provide infused water for free to all clients to increase hydration in the body.

Our chocolate protein bars are power packed full of healthy nutrients and goodness yet taste like a naughty treat. The ingredients include superfoods like raw cacao, goji berries and coconut oil as well as dates, almonds, cashews and protein powder. They are a favourite with our clients.

Our thick smoothies can act as a recovery shake and will supply enough nutrition and energy to be one of your meals for the day. We use fruits, berries, nuts, oats, protein powder and your choice of coconut milk or almond milk – choose your flavour and enjoy!




We can provide personalised nutrition plans for you, based on your individual goals, body composition and lifestyle. We can also give one-off assessments of a food diary.

We will assess your current eating habits and provide helpful tips
Food diary required
Monthly plan
£40Per month
We will give you weekly nutrition plans and have ongoing assessments
Minimum 3 months