Fitness classes

Fitness classes


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Types of classes

We offer a wide variety of fitness classes with a specific focus on classes being S.A.F.E. –
Simple, Achievable, Functional Exercises. Our classes are suitable for all abilities and we encourage everyone to work at their own levels…..and then a little bit more! We will ensure you get the most out of each class and we like to bring a lot of fun too – this means you will go away having burned calories both from working hard and from laughing!
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“Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live.”

John Rohn


Your first class is free!

£7Per class
A pay-as-you-go option for those who want to be totally flexible about how often they do burpees
Access on per class basis
£20Per month
A monthly payment option for those regulars who like to restrict their pain to once a week
Up to 5 classes per month
£30Per month
A monthly payment option for fitness trail blazers who want no limit to achey muscles and sweaty faces
Unlimited classes per month



Ideally, eat something immediately after exercise, certainly within 40 minutes. Immediate post exercise recovery food and fluids should include protein and carbohydrates and this will allow for accelerated muscle repair and refuelling, and improvements in performance, aerobic gains, muscle toning and losing fat! Happily, our Corpus Kitchen recovery smoothies and protein/energy bars are fill this need perfectly!
It is essential to re-hydrate after exercise in order to replace fluid and electrolyte deficit. Dehydration effects all aspects of physical and mental activity and impairs recovery and improvement. Drinking 50% more fluids than were lost in exercise will enhance repair and recovery. Sip continuously over a period of time rather than huge amounts in one sitting. We always have water and fruit infused water available at Corpus Health+Fitness classes.
When exercising, lactic acid build up in muscles which leads to fatigue, pain and impaired performance. Stretching helps reduce muscle fatigue and increase blood circulation which helps repair the muscles. Stretching helps prevent injuries and tones the muscles. Combine this with positive breathing techniques and the body will calm, de-stress and relax giving huge physiological and psychological benefits.



7-7:30pm -MEGA 8 HIIT
7:30-8:30pm – Circuit

6-7pm – Kettlebells
7-8pm – Core & Toning

6-7pm – Leg Blitzer
7-7:45pm – HIIT Kettlebell & MEGA 8
7:45-8:30pm – HIIT Cardio Boxing

9:30-10:30am – Friday Finale!

(Classes may be subject to change, please use the interactive timetable on Gymcatch for live class information)



All of our classes are held at St. Mary’s Church.
Purley Oaks Rd / Beech Ave, South Croydon, Greater London CR2 0NY.

Use the main Church entrance, located on Beech Avenue. Limited car parking available in the church drive. More parking can be found on Beech Avenue and Purley Oaks Road. Water and toilet facilities are available, and Corpus Kitchen offers recovery food and drinks.