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We offer group fitness classes and personal training. Our training focusses on ’S.A.F.E.’ patterns - Simple, Achievable, Functional Exercise.


Corpus Kitchen offers nutrition workshops, advice and tailored plans to help ensure your healthy lifestyle. We also offer a range of tasty, nutritional, healthy recovery snacks and smoothies at classes.


We believe in an holistic approach to lifestyle wellbeing. (It’s not just about burpees!) We offer workshops, written programmes and residential retreats to guide you into a healthier and happier life.

Corpus Fitness

We offer a range of varied and exciting group classes each week. Our aim is to provide fun, enjoyable, S.A.F.E. classes which will help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility, stamina and overall fitness. Whilst classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, you will work to your limits! We are proud our positive, friendly and welcoming environment which encourages all our members to work hard to achieve their very best in either group classes or personal training sessions.

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Corpus Fitness
Corpus Kitchen

Corpus Kitchen

Our philosophy is a simple one: Consume the healthiest, cleanest and most nutritious and tasty food possible. Consume these at the right times, in the right quantities and with the right balance to provide optimum nutrition and health which in turn gives us improved efficiency and energy, allowing us to be the very best version of ourselves! We offer workshops and guides to help clients with nutrition, hydration and health plans. Corpus Kitchen provides free infused water, for hydration, at all classes and we offer a range of delicious smoothies and snacks for post-training recovery.

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Corpus Life

S.A.F.E. exercise patterns, the very best nutrition, hydration, breathing techniques, recovery techniques and lots and lots of fun, laughter and happiness - that’s the Corpus Life. You can fully experience this on one of our Health+Fitness Retreats.

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Corpus Life

what we believe

Life is for living to the max and being happy.
We are here to help you become the best you possible. Using a simple philosophy of living a clean, healthy, positive, and energised life, we can all be happier.

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